Websites Designed and Currently Maintained

Websites Designed and Maintained

This is a fairly complex WordPress site that took quite a while to design and build to client satisfaction.  I am still maintaining the entire site.  A writer sends me updates periodically, and the pictures change fairly frequently, too.


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This dog/puppy trainer needed a web presence for her new business after she parted ways with a former partner (amicably).  She is still in the process of developing some of her content, but she has tied this to Facebook and uses both in her marketing.

She wrote most of her content, with some suggestions from me as we built it.  It is a simple but beautiful site – and the pictures of all her (recent) success stories really draw in her potential clients.  She gets rave reviews on Yelp and Google, and it has only been a few months since she started her own business.  She loves the “.dog” top-level domain URL; there are now dozens of these new and useful qualifiers.

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This company was looking for a way to display pictures of hundreds of items for sale, but not to sell them and take payment online.  They feel each item is very individual and would rather deal with the customer personally.  If you click on any of the “Buick Parts” sub-items, you see a page of those specific and special items.

I discovered the interface plugin that makes this possible: the client uploads photos to albums in Picasa (an online photo app) with item descriptions and the interface plugin creates the desired page.  Google has created problems for us when they purchased Picasa, but we were able to make it continue to work!



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This site is a great example of a WordPress site built for a client who wants complete control of the content.  I created the basic structure, including header, footer, navigation, and general organization.  Beverley Mercer-Ward (an excellent dog trainer!) is currently building the actual content.  I’ve included a screenshot of the front page below, but it has undoubtedly changed by the time you read this.

The site uses a standard free WordPress template.  It took only a few hours to build the site once I had designed the header and walked thru the general purpose and requirements of the site.


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Websites Currently Maintained

This is another native HTML site that I inherited for maintenance.  I enhanced it considerably from a technical standpoint (creating a template for all of the repeating information, etc.). Eventually, I re-created it as a WordPress site.  It is now very easy to maintain.

For instance, the entire block under “Cascade Shores Homeowner Association” in the screenshot below is a simple image. A great way to have a frequently changing but low-cost website!


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